The Digital Transformation is one of the biggest tasks for the coming years. It will impact the economy, politics and society and will fundamentally change our working spaces and way of working. At the same time, it opens up an enormous growth and profit potential.
This is especially valid for the Automotive Industry as one of the most important parts of the German industry. On top of this, we see a substantive change in Mobility, both from a technical as well as from a public opinion perspective. 

Global growth, the development of new markets, the speed of technical development and increasing product complexity will force companies to rethink and adapt their strategies and objectives.  


Based on our background and knowledge of the automotive market, competition and customers, we can jointly develop your strategy and potentials for your enterprise during customised Trainings, Workshops or Seminars to maximize your business success.

Also we are very happy to support you with lectures, roundtable discussion or team moderation sessions at your workplace.
Leo Roeks combines enthusiasm, automotive knowledge and experience in his inspiring lectures and trainings.

Just contact us. 

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This is where we can offer you our specialist knowledge to tackle questions and problems around eMobility matters holistically
With our Top14 list of challenges, we will jointly develop specific and customized strategies to support the growth of your company.
Combining financial strength and innovation power is the key to success towards future mobility. 

Warranty / After-Sales

Is your enterprise struggling with a high warranty cashflow and continuously growing warranty reserves?
Would you like to achieve a double digit warranty spend reduction?

With our Top10 warranty reduction strategy, we can support you making the necessary changes in datagathering/mining, your warranty organisation, your financials and time- and data management.

Our offer ranges from a one-day highly intensive expert brainstorming to an all-including on-site service and change management implementing the necessary changes in your organisation etc.

Performance Cars

Learn how to transform a powerful vehicle into an award winning Performance Car.

Learn how to build-up or strengthen your Performance Car brand.
We can also offer competent vehicle and attribute evaluations; on public roads, on a race track or on your testtrack.