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Future Mobility. What's next? Some thoughts, sustainable actions. This is my "back-to-basics" view on what's happening in the area of Mobility and describing a sustainable way forward. Publication in the magazine Revolve Fall 2020 Issue, summarizing my book which will come out soon in German language.

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My first book with the title "Der Verkehr sind wir. - Rethinking for the mobility of the future " has just been published (April 2021) by HUSS-Verlag.

 From the contents
At the end of the road: Why the car is dead
What the change means
Full braking: An industry reinvents itself
The city as a traffic laboratory
Always moving forward: What drives us
The end of the oil age
Shifting consciousness and the digital revolution
Practice reloaded: How can it work?
Smart thinking, sustainable action

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Klar zur Wende?

Liebe Stadt Köln, 

Du hast eine große Chance!

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„We must embrace all forms of innovation.“

Interview with Leo Roeks, Ford Perfomance Director Europe.

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This is how one of the most exciting super sports car innovations on the market moves. Leo explains the performance of the 650 hp Ford GT with Markku Alén.


Mobility expert Leo Roeks took a look at the blueprint for sustainable city logistics for the auto motor und sport channel.


European Press reveal of the 2019 Ford Focus ST.


Casper Heij ( gets some driving lessons in a Fiesta ST


Leo Roeks is interviewed by Anna Vinson (YOUTUBE: Girl on Swiss Roads) on the capabilities of the 2019 Ford Focus ST: a 2,3-Ltr-fourcilinder-Turbo with 280hp.


The Ford Ranger Raptor in the desert of Morocco: The somewhat different Drive-Test. (in German language)


Community Involvement

Mentorship: Coaching program "GEH DEINEN WEG" of the Deutschlandstiftung Integration.